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Roboter CAN

CAN is a robot which targets to navigate through a labyrinth. For that, the robot has a distance sensor to calculate its position in the labyrinth. Furthermore CAN creates a map to improve its navigation.

Development time3 years
Height20 cm
Weight1.2 kilogramms
Last developed furtherSpring 2015

LED Strip

The LED Strip is a 1 meter long strip with 80 LEDs soldered on circuit boards. Every LED can be controlled in brightness. Multiple light strips will be moving along the strip in a future version. Also a software will be developed to control the LED Strip from a computer.

Length1 meter
Amount of LEDs80 LEDs
Development time2 years
Last developed further2014


Microbot participated in 2012 at the RoboCup German Open in Magdeburg, Germany. At the competition the robot solves a parkour by following a black line on the ground. Serveral obstacles impeded this. The robot has reached the final run but fails against the other teams.

Diameter23 cm
Development time2 years
Last developed further2012

Moving Head

The project Moving Head represents a small spotlight. It is able to rotate in all directions. An ATMEGA8 lets the Moving Head blink the LED and control the Motors. The project has finished with a choreography to a song.

Amount of motors2
Development time1 year
Last developed further2010


The roller coaster is a model roller coaster. It has an automatic lift and a little cart. The lift transports the cart to the greatest point of the track and releases it. Because of the gravity the cart drives the track back down into a station.

Scaleca. 1:10
Building time3 years