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HTML5 Web Audio API Showcase

The HTML5 Web Audio API Showcase is a demonstration of the new Web Audio API of the W3C HTML5 specifications. The design follows the current Material Design guidelines. NIPE-SYSTEMS has built the first showcase with a modern and clean design. Besides light typography the demonstration uses whitespace and animations to achieve a nice UI experience. Many features are normally hidden to improve the look and feel (e.g. the volume is only displayed when scrolling on the circle to adjust the volume).

Programming languagemostly javascript
Development timesome days
Last developed further2015


This website is an example of the design of NIPE-SYSTEMS. The site was built with the Material Design guideline.

Website of AKVT

NIPE-SYSTEMS has designed the homepage of a club which is engaged in process engineering. To achieve an modern look and feel a clean and bright design was choosen.

Website of FS

In addition to many other websites NIPE-SYSTEMS worked out a concept of a new website of FS.